270 XT Awning

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The 270 XT Awning sets new benchmarks  for a free standing awning in terms of overall strength, wind resistance and durability.  The awning is 90.5 inches long (2.3m), weighs only 61.2 lbs (27.8Kg) and can be easily fixed to a roof rack or to our Clamshell Roof Top Tents .  The 270 XT Awning provides an incredible amount of shade around your 4WD for you to set up your camp kitchen, swags or just a shaded seating/chill out area. As you can see from the video the awning can easily be set up by one person in about 30 seconds and the pack down is just as simple.

The 270 XT Awning is made in South Africa from quality components.  The awning bag is  460 gram poly cotton rip-stop canvas with YKK Zippers.  In contrast to PVC covers, the canvas allows the awning to breath while keeping it dust/dirt free and moisture is able to wick out through the zipper reducing the risk of mold or mildew.  The rip-stop material on the bag also reduces the risk of large running tears in the bag as a result of contact with tree branches.  The canvas on the awning itself is a 13oz (380) gram poly cotton rip-stop canvas that is mold and mildew resistant.  The underside and outer edge of the awning are The Bush Company’s traditional olive green color, but the top side of the awning has been coated with a silver laminate, this not only provides additional waterproofing, but also increase the UV rating of the canvas and reduces the temperature on the underside of the canvas by around 40 degrees Farneheit (4-5 degrees Celsius)..

The structure of the awning is made from an extruded alloy composite which has been specifically designed to provide the elasticity, strength and durability we required.  The main bracket for the hinge is made from 316 marine grade stainless steel providing huge strength.  The arms on the awning have been gussetted for additional strength, which enables the awning to be fully standing without any poles in even the very strong wind conditions.  We do not supply poles for the awning as it does not need them, but we do supply guy ropes and pegs for use in extreme wind conditions to prevent damage to your roof rack or vehicle.  The guy ropes attach to the stainless steel D-rings that are incorporated into the ends of the arms and also midway along each canvas section.  Although the rake on the awning is sufficient to allow effective water run off and prevent any pooling, the stainless steel D-rings in conjunction with a guy rope can be used to guide the water run-off in very heavy rain conditions.

Around the inside edge of the awning is a 2 inch (50mm)  thick velcro strip which can be used to attach the optional awning walls enabling you to fully enclose the area to provide protection from the elements or additional privacy.

The awning is available in either a Left Hand Side or Right Hand Side configuration.

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270 XT Awning Product Review

3 reviews for 270 XT Awning

  1. JAY

    How much shade under the awning ?

    • Simon Sno

      Hi Jay, the awning provides 8.1 square metres of shade.

  2. Tailight

    Ya have had my 270 xt awning for bit over a month. Seem to be bulletproof Can’t fault it In any conditions

  3. Xavier

    What’s the price of the 270xt awning?

    • The Bush Company

      Hi Xavier, thank you for your comment, please use the Contact US page to find the nearest country to you then visit that countries stockist page to obtain pricing for the our products. If you are in the USA the price is $1,450 USD plus freight and state taxes if applicable.
      Thanks – The Bush Co Team.

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