Flush Mount Bracket (2 in Set)

The Flush Mount Bracket is designed for flush mounting The Bush Company Roof Top Tent onto existing extruded rail on a roof rack or on the roof of a canopy and as the name suggests, this fitment solution provides a very low profile installation.  For secure attachment of the roof top tent, we recommend a minimum of 8 brackets (4 sets of 2) be used. These can be attached as either two on either side of two of the extrusions on both sides of the tent (as they are in the picture), or a single bracket on one side of each of the 4 extrusions under the tent on both sides.

The Flush Mount Brackets are made from 3mm thick stainless steel and are finished with black powder coat.  There are 2 brackets in each set along with 8 stainless steel bolts, washers and nylock nuts.

Check out the Troop Carrier Roof Top Tent install video where the Flush Mount Brackets are used in conjunction with our U-Brackets to attach directly to standard load bars, or the instal on a Mazda BT-50 with Custom Canopy video.

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