Sahara XPanda Panel 150W, 200W or 250W

The Sahara XPanda Panel 150 W base unit comprises 3 fully copper backed Sunpower solar panels encased in a durable and stylish camouflage canvas casing.  When closed the panels are 550mm L, 580 mm W and 40mm H and weigh 5.8Kg not including the cables and regulator, when open the panels are 1650 L and 580mm W.

The Sahara XPanda Panel by The Bush Company are the ultimate solution for portable solar power.  Using industry leading Supower cell technology these flexible fully copper backed panels have a reinforced glass fibre backing plate instead of plastic and provide unmatched reliability and efficiency.  The Bush Company’s proprietary patented design allows you to ‘XPand’ the 3 panel 150W Base Unit up to either 4 panel 200W or a 5 panel 250W with the addition of the optional 50W XPanda Panels. The 150W Base Unit comes with a quality 20Amp solar regulator using advanced MCU control pulse with modulart (PWM) technology suitable for Lithium, Gel, AGM, Calcium and LeaD Acid batteries.  All connectors on the panels are anderson plugs, there is a 5m extension cable each panel has an adjustable leg to ensure optimal angle to the sun.

The canvas casing has been designed with two large storage pouches on the front which hold the 5m cable (anderson plugs on each end), the alligator clips, the adjustable support legs and the PWM 12V/20 amp solar regulator.  The canvas casing also has sturdy eyelet loops stitched in where the supplied aluminium legs can be attached.  Each panel has its own supporting leg with an adjustable strap that attaches to the base of the panel enabling you get get the optimal angle to the sun.

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General Product Details

  • External Material Canvas 600D camouflage colour
  • Open size (unfolded) 1650mm x 580mm
  • Closed size (folded) 550mm x 580mm x 40mm
  • Number of panels 3
  • Net weight 5.8Kg excluding cables, legs and regulator
  • New total weight 8.2Kg
  • Supplied with 5m quality cable with two Anderson connectors
  • Connection cable with Alligator Clips & Andersen plug supplied
  • Solar Cells are monocrystalline hybrid copper backed panels made by SunPower

Performance Specifications

  • Efficiency rate 21.0%
  • Maximum power (PM) is 150W with power tolerance of +/-3%
  • Voltage output maximum (Vmp) 16.5V
  • Current at maximum power (Imp) 9.09A
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 21.24V
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc) 10.12A
  • Operating temperature -20° to +50° Celcius
  • Maximum System Voltage (V) 1000V
  • Maximum Series Fuse Rating 10A


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